Employer Mandates—Telling Companies What They Should Do

By: Dr. Lynn Reaser

As unemployment falls and labor markets continue to heal, Government is again stepping up to the plate to try to help employees even more.  California now requires that all firms provide three days of sick time and President Obama has proposed that seven days be required.  In the City of San Diego, voters will be asked to weigh in on the issue of mandating five paid sick days per year in 2016

First the facts. More than three-fifths of private sector employees receive paid sick days, which typically number about eight per year. The proportion for full-time employees is about 75%. Most companies treat their employees well and fairly, recognizing that their people are their most valuable asset.

Compensation packages will move to the mix of wages and various benefits that is optimal and economically feasible. Governments should not be so arrogant to believe that they know better.

P.S. Employees should not abuse their sick day privileges by treating them as another vacation day. That is theft from both their employer and their associates



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