Comic-Con Lands in San Diego

By: Dr. Lynn Reaser

The buzz and excitement is all about Comic-Con this week as the event gets bigger and bigger each year. It is hard to imagine summer in San Diego without the crowds of excited fans descending on the famous event, but would the region’s tourist industry go “dark” without it?

The answer is clearly “no.” Comic-Con boosts tourism each July, but the event only lasts four days. San Diego’s various attractions, beaches, facilities, and weather are a major draw for tourists in their own right. The tourist season in San Diego begins well before Comic-Con and extends thereafter. Job gains in recreation and tourism actually are the largest in April, May, and June, but continue through August. Comic-Con is a bright asset in the region’s tourist portfolio, but it is only one piece.

My Favorite Superherosan-diego-comic-con-2010

Since this is the week of the “superhero,” who is mine? Honestly, I would say it is a tie between Dilbert and Garfield the Cat. Dilbert earns high marks for his ability to survive, although certainly not thrive, in the bureaucracy and politics of the office. Garfield is a superhero because of the orange cat’s ability to put everything and everybody in its or their proper place.

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