Chargers Back on the Radar Screen

By: Dr. Lynn Reaser

ImageWhile most San Diegans are focusing on the Padres, the issue of the Chargers and a new stadium has again surfaced with the Mayor and Charger’s President again talking. Should we “pay to make the team stay?”

While the Chargers add value to San Diego, there is no valid reason why taxpayers should subsidize them when most other enterprises also adding value receive no special benefits.  San Diego has a $1 billion backlog of critical infrastructure needs that the Mayor and City Council are only beginning to address.  The region’s roads, storm drains, transportation system, fire stations, and street lights all need attention.

Football’s long-term future may also be at risk as it confronts the potential damage of concussions incurred during the game.  This is a risk the public should not bear.

If the Charger organization, National Football League (NFL), advertisers, sponsors, and fans want a new stadium, that is fine.  But they should pay, not the public.  


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