Employment at Record High, but Jobless Still In Need

By: Dr. Lynn Reaser

While total employment in San Diego County has reached its peak of mid-2007, another 65,000 people have entered the workforce.  ImageThe jobless rate is still around 7.0% and it may be another two to three years before it returns to its prerecession 5.0% level.  Over one-third of those currently unemployed have been out of work for over six months.  Individuals without work for extended periods often lose skills and face reluctance by firms to hire them.  Other employees would rather “full-time” than full time. 

Continued economic recovery will help, but more targeted training and education will be necessary to address San Diego’s jobless problems.   


2 responses to “Employment at Record High, but Jobless Still In Need

  1. It is relatively easy to say we need more training and education especially if you are at an education institution, but what type of training and education is much harder to determine. There have been some structural changes over the last 7 years and it isn’t clear, at least to me, what the economy of the future is going to be. Training and educating for jobs that don’t exist is very destructive to the individual both financially and in self confidence.

    • Education and training to specifically meet all of the needs of future jobs is impossible, particularly with the escalating pace of technological change and global competition. Much of the training necessary for various positions in fact occurs on the job. Individuals and companies are also increasingly realizing the importance of ongoing education. However, we also need to do a better job in terms of basic education in four areas: communications skills (writing and speaking); STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics); creativity and innovation; and teamwork. Those are skill sets that should serve the next generation well.

      -Dr. Lynn Reaser

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