A New Mayor—Making A Difference?

By: Dr. Lynn Reaser

ImageSan Diego elected a new mayor on Tuesday night.  Now the question is:  what can and should he do?  The economy remains on the top of many voters’ aspirations and concerns.  Media reports continue to emerge that companies are being enticed to leave the area, most notably to Texas.

Is there one thing the new mayor should do to encourage firms to stay rather than leave? The answer — listen to them.

The new mayor needs to have a clear understanding of which City laws, policies, and procedures are the most costly for companies and causing some of them to consider other locations.  Businesses constantly complain about the regulatory burden but we need specifics.  San Diego should conduct a comprehensive survey of all the businesses located here to determine which particular regulations are the most onerous in terms of cost or delays. These could then be prioritized and analyzed in terms of achieving certain public objectives but at a much lower expense to our economy.

Information is power.


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