San Diego—Are All the Moving Vans Heading Out?

By: Dr. Lynn Reaser

ImageReports have recently appeared that moving van companies have been hauling more San Diegans out of the County than moving new residents in.  Are we at risk of a dwindling population that could threaten our future economic prospects?

A shrinking population could certainly stifle economic growth, but that is not the current situation.  Presently, the region’s population is still growing at a moderate pace.  Based on official figures as of July 1, 2013, San Diego’s resident count was 0.9% above the prior year’s level, which matched the statewide figure and was ahead of the 0.7% gain posted nationwide.

Last year, San Diego saw a net outflow of about 12,000 people to other areas in California and in the rest of the U.S., but that was offset by a 16,000 increase from foreigner residents.  Meanwhile, births exceeded deaths by about 24,000.  As a result, total population expanded by 28,000.  

San Diego’s principal challenge is to create a business climate conducive to more jobs, an educational system to provide the necessary skills, and building policies to facilitate more affordable housing.  The people will come.


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