A Package for Me…on Sunday?

By: Lynn Reaser
amazon-shipping-537x328Amazon has announced that, in partnership with the U.S. Postal Service, it will pilot a program to deliver merchandise on Sunday.  The San Diego region has been targeted as one of the first test markets.

Concerns have been expressed that local retailers would be adversely affected.  Actually, the new program should affect local retailers relatively little except that it reinforces the convenience of e-commerce. Online shopping in the U.S. is now running at about $260 billion per year, a nearly fivefold increase over the past decade.

As e-commerce expands further, retailers will need to differentiate their stores even more, such as by delivering superior service or offering a unique shopping experience.  Meanwhile, the trend towards faster and even same-day delivery will raise the demand for warehousing space and logistical systems.  This will lead to more development, construction, and jobs in that part of our local economy.

Change always means that there are winners and losers, but consumers should gain from this change as will businesses who can adapt.   


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