A New Football Stadium?

By: Dr. Lynn Reaser

qualcomm-stadiumSan Diego’s Chargers continue to threaten to abandon the City if they do not receive the necessary support for a new stadium.  Now that the plan to go forward with an expansion of the Convention Center has been approved, should a new stadium be our next focus?

The answer is “no”.  If the Chargers wish to build a stadium, they should do it with their own funds, not those of taxpayers.  Most studies overstate the economic benefits of public-funded stadiums, while mounting concerns over concussions could even challenge football’s future.  San Diego has many more pressing investment needs at a time of scarce resources.  These include badly needed infrastructure repairs, including roads and pipes.  A new secondary sewage treatment plant is sorely needed, while the pressures on water supplies argue for a recycling facility.  Future pension obligations also need secure funding.

In sum, a new football stadium is not a priority and should not even be on the City’s shopping list.


One response to “A New Football Stadium?

  1. When the Padres negotiated a new ball park , they said it would allow them to build a better team with the increased revenue from the new venue. Well that didn’t happen, it did allow the old owner to sell for a nice price though and not even a thank you to the taxpayers in San Diego.

    We would be better off to invest in improved water and electrical supply so the city could attract clean industry.
    Thank you for a well thought commentary Dr. Reaser.

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