Wanted: Only Part-Time Workers

part-time-jobsBy: Dr. Lynn Reaser
In the study FBEI conducted this spring, we found that many of the individuals who use the services of San Diego’s Food Bank cannot make ends meet in part because they can only secure a part-time job.  Is this a problem that will go away soon?

Unfortunately, the answer is “no”.  Many students, employees with young children or other dependents, and older workers prefer part-time work.  However, over 8 million individuals, or nearly one-third of part-time employees, would prefer full-time work.

Three factors are likely to keep that number high.  First, because the economic recovery remains moderate to slow, many companies are reluctant to hire full-time employees.  Second, the U.S. economy continues to shift towards the services sector, which typically relies on part-time workers.  Third, many firms, especially small businesses, may limit employee hours to avoid the requirement (now delayed until 2015) to provide health care insurance for employees.

For many, part-time work may be the only option they have for some time.


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