FBEI Commencement Farewell: Part 2 – A Landmark for a New Chapter

By Dr. Lynn Reaser

ImageMay 4, Graduation Day at PLNU, of 2013 will forever be burnished in my mind as a glorious day but also as one of some regret.  I am so proud of Cathy Gallagher on completing her BA, of Dieter Mauerman with his MBA, the 60 MBAS, James Garcia, and the others earning their degrees.

I had anxiously anticipated being part of the academic procession and hugging all of my students and friends on that wonderful day.  But, alas, God had other plans and I remained in the hospital until late that day.  Please know, however, that my heart and spirit were with all of the students that day and I pictured them vividly in my mind.

It has been only a short while that I have been teaching an MBA class at PLNU but it has been such a joy to see students embrace the power of economics and how it provides a prism to help view the world.  I treasure my students and my colleagues as dear friends and hope those friendships will continue throughout our lives.

And so, although May  4, 2013, was a bittersweet day for me, much more importantly, it was a landmark for our students as they begin new chapters in their lives.  I am so very proud of all of them and only offer whatever I can do to support them and their followers in the future.

Image Credit: 2013 PLNU Commencement by Marcus Emerson


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