FBEI Commencement Farewell: Part 1 – “It was a very good day!”

By Randy Ataide

8717106729_08184b3ed5This past Saturday May 4 was a day that dawned cool and gray but as events unfolded rich clouds were punctuated by blasts of warm sun. But the weather was really the least important thing of this date, as it was the 2013 commencement ceremonies for PLNU!

I have reflected several times in past blogs of my mixed feelings of commencement day—the fulfillment of so much work, effort and commitment by young people towards a personal goal of a college degree brings to family and friends great pride and joy in the celebration of a goal now achieved. It is fun to participate in some small way in this journey for both our undergraduates and our MBA’s. But the closing of this chapter of life, a season at PLNU now completed as the graduates now focus on other people, places and things, often to the far corners of the earth, inevitably brings a touch of sadness and pain even in the midst of celebration.

But it was a very good day at PLNU! With my teaching now focused only upon MBA’s, greeting my last group of undergraduate entrepreneur students I have taught this past year was very rewarding, as I thought back to the hundreds of students who have taken BUS 382 and 486 from me since in the years 2006-2012. And this year, the enormous group of over 60 PLNU MBA’s successfully finishing our rigorous program undoubtedly gives any of us associated with the MBA fulfillment (if not some exhaustion as well!) Joined by other programs and majors from PLNU’s several campuses provided a jolt of energy to the day at each of the three ceremonies.

There is even more to celebrate. For our own Institute office, the great accomplishment of our Director Cathy Gallagher achieving her B.A. in Business Administration only serves to burnish her outstanding business credentials, and our Economic Researcher Dieter Mauerman joined the ranks of PLNU MBA’s, class of 2013. With Lynn Reaser and I each serving as teacher and advisor to them, and Emily Gallentine as chief encourager, our team celebrates together in their milestones. Institute student employee James Garcia also earned his B.A. in Business Administration, and we wished him “bon voyage” as he embarks on his new quests in life.

Long ago, Winston Churchill uttered a short phrase which seems to fit the day as well anything else:

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

So congratulations to all. Yes indeed, it was a very good day!

Image Credit: 2013 PLNU Commencement by Marcus Emerson


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