Texas vs. California—The Battle Begins

By: Dr. Lynn ReaserImage

Texas Governor Rick Perry began airing radio broadcasts this week in six locations across California in an attempt to lure companies to come to his state.  Does Texas have enough advantages to justify relocating operations from California to Texas?


My answer is “no”.  While Texas boasts zero taxes on corporate and personal income along with less regulation, most companies would incur greater costs than benefits from leaving.  In addition to the direct costs of relocation and the disruption to employees and their families, California and San Diego, in particular, offer advantages Texas cannot match.  These include our climate, ocean and mountains, lifestyle, culture, collaborative environment, educational institutions, and clusters of innovation. 


The new economic model relies on an employee base that is motivated, creative, and inspired.  We can certainly make our state much better, but the potential here exceeds that of any competitor. 

“Rick-Perry”.ibabuzz.com. February 6, 2013


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