The Perspective of Voters: Better or Worse?

By: Dr. Lynn Reaser

As Election Day approaches, many believe the outcome may hinge on whether voters believe they are better or worse off than four years ago.

The overall economy and financial markets have healed significantly since Election Day 2008 following a near meltdown of global credit markets.  GDP growth has turned from negative to positive, and the real estate market has recovered from its depths.  Key determinants of wealth, including stock prices and home values, have also climbed from their lows.  October’s national jobs report was also better than expected. 

Yet, many Americans feel the recovery has left them behind.  Indeed, many of the indicators that matter to most individuals have worsened.  In San Diego, 40,000 fewer people are working than four years ago and the jobless rate has increased by a third.  Household incomes are down and the cost of some of the most important items to many consumers–gasoline, health care, and education–has soared. 

The more important question for voters than how the economy has fared over the past four years is how they will be four years from now.  Voters will decide on Tuesday which candidate can best achieve the better outcome.  That decision will be shaped by the electorate’s view on whether the economy will perform better with a larger or smaller role of government.

“One Way”.2010.thesalesblog.January 30,2013


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