The Presidential Debate—Spin or Substance?

By: Lynn Reaser

About 67 million people tuned into last week’s first presidential debate and may have been surprised by the fact that real issues were actually discussed.   Both candidates addressed the key elements that will shape the economy’s future:  the deficit, taxes, education, energy, small business, trade, and health care.

While 90 minutes did not allow enough time to spell out all the details, the two candidates presented two distinct views on the path forward.  President Obama believes that tax increases and spending cuts will be essential to deficit reduction, while Governor Romney believes that spending cuts and economic growth are the answer.  The President sees the federal government playing a major role in education, energy, and health care.  Romney favors a focus on the private sector and competition along with a greater role of state and local governments.  The Governor put his test out for whether federal government programs should receive continued funding:   Are they vital enough to justify borrowing from China to pay for them?

The candidates have presented two very different approaches to economic policy.  The voters will now decide.

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