A Bittersweet Goodbye from the FBEI


As graduation arrives in a mere 3 days, I have spoken to many undergraduate and MBA students who are experiencing a strange mixture of joy at their accomplishments but also anxiety, concern and fear. Certainly, they enter into this next chapter of their lives in a challenging business, economic, and political era, but the source of this anxiety is something much more personal and touching.

Many conversations with graduating students have focused on the great relationship built up over these past years in school, either at our lovely ocean front campus or at Mission Valley. The rhythm and routine of the certainty created by an academic schedule is now being replaced, and often with something far less certain. For some, it means a move away and the knowledge that we will see each other again only if circumstances allow.

The first year I sat as a faculty member in graduation, I was profoundly moved by watching the festivities around me but even more so by the embraces, photos, and introductions to families and friends who were there to celebrate a great accomplishment. Those are great memories and for those whom I stay in contact with, across many industries and parts of the world, these relationships have grown even deeper. Ultimately, graduation proves to be a very bittersweet experience for us all.

So to all of our pending graduates I say to each of you ‘well done!’ Finish strong in these final days and know that many of us are praying, supporting, and hoping the best for you both now and in the future.

Randy Ataide
Executive Director

Cathy Gallagher – Director
Commencement truly is a bittersweet moment for us as we have been blessed to get to know many of you in different settings and on varying levels. We are so excited at what the future has in store for each of you, yet saddened by the thought that life may somehow get in the way of continuing the relationship we have worked so hard to build. Please know nothing give us greater joy at the FBEI then when we reconnect with our alums, whether it be a week, month, or year after they graduate. We want to maintain contact with you, have coffee, lunch, take a moment to catch up on what is going in your life, and celebrate accomplishments with you. We want you coming back to give a bit of yourself, share your experiences with those who are following behind you, and provide connections within your own network, or tap back into our network. So as you go on your way, wherever life is taking you beyond PLNU, take a moment to look over your shoulder now and again and say hello to those who remember you, brag about you, pray for you, and wish you well.

Lynn Reaser – PLNU Chief Economist
You are entering a world that holds both unprecedented opportunities and challenges.  Stay true to your values and you will never go astray.  Strive for excellence and work for a better world.  We are extremely proud of you.  Stay in touch and know that we will be here for you.

Dieter Mauerman – Economic Research Assistant
We are proud of each of you. In your future careers make the most of each opportunity you are presented with.  Don’t be afraid to go against the norm and be yourself.  Relationships made in school are often times the most rewarding, so come visit us and don’t forget to stay in touch.

Emily Gallentine – Manager
Over the past year as Manager of the FBEI, I have gotten the sincere pleasure of walking with many of you through opportunities, successes, trials, stresses, fears, and professional growth. At the FBEI, we get the distinct joy of completely understanding what our business partners mean when they say to us, “There’s just something about those PLNU students.” “That something” they are speaking of will take you far in life. We are proud of you and are honored to know you. Although this time is bittersweet for us all, we continue to be your biggest fans and will be here to support you today and in the future. Best of luck and congratulations PLNU Class of 2012!


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