San Diego’s Downtown—Visions for the Convention Center and a New Stadium

       By: Dr. Lynn Reaser

The UT San Diego editorial board recently presented an ambitious plan for a $1.5 billion sports, convention, and entertainment complex on the 10th Avenue Marine Terminal.  Is this a wise choice?

The answer would appear to be “yes”.  Given the commitment to expand the Convention Center and build a new Charger stadium, it probably makes sense to think “bigger” and incur the marginal cost to host larger conventions, future Super Bowls, and Final Four tournaments.

Reliance should be on private funds and efforts should be increased to secure more than the $400 million maximum pledged by the Chargers and the National Football League (NFL). The Convention Center’s addition should also be contiguous to the existing facility to maximize its value.  Meanwhile, the community needs to support the long-delayed Navy Broadway Complex Redevelopment Project, which would provide over 1,400 new hotel rooms to accommodate the expected increase in tourism.


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