Q&A with Dr. Lynn Reaser for Recent College Graduates

by: Dr. Lynn Reaser

Q: If I’m a graduating college senior and can’t get a job in my field, should I go on to graduate school this fall? The alternative is getting a job in some other sector in the meantime and at least gaining work experience.

A:  Yes.  Although there is no guarantee, the job market should gradually strengthen over the next two to three years.  More education and training could give you the competitive edge.   To further enhance your resume, gain some work experience in the summer or while in school either on a paid basis or as an unpaid intern.  Your school or work decision should, however, consider your financial situation.  If you are already encumbered with a large student loan burden, the addition of more debt for graduate school could become unwieldy.  In that case, taking a break to earn some money might be a prudent decision.


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