Professor Rob Gailey Inspiring Innovation at Oxford

Professor Rob Gailey is currently at the University of Oxford, presenting for the 2010 International Social Innovation Research Conference (ISIRC): Partnerships, Hybrids and Networks.  The ISIRC is an open conference that brings together scholars from around the globe to discuss the role of innovation in social businesses, social movements, not-for-profits, state actors, and the broader social economy.

Dr. Gailey will be presenting his paper, Collaborations Across Campus and Across Town: Preparing College Students to Engage in Social Innovation Careers


Collaboration, especially at the university level, is not easy. It requires good planning, proper execution, and careful follow-up. It also requires significant resources—in time and money—to be successful and, perhaps more importantly, useful to students in their career development. This
paper explores some of the challenges, benefits, and opportunities of collaborations, across campus and across town, which have helped to nurture student interest in careers in the social innovation sector. Two case-study–like examples are described. The first example is an intra-
university, inter-disciplinary course collaboration. The second example describes an inter-university, multi-sectoral partnership among educators and practitioners in the microfinance sector in San Diego, California, USA. The conclusion offers four short, biographical samples of students involved in the social innovation sector who have participated in at least one of the
described case study examples.

Follow this link to find Dr. Gailey’s paper:


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