Report by Fermanian Business & Economic Institute determines San Diego County must diversify water sources


(San Diego, Calif. – July 26, 2010) –A new and independent study on San Diego’s water sources was presented in a report researched and produced by the Fermanian Business & Economic Institute (FBEI) at Point Loma Nazarene University.  The report, titled San Diego’s Water Sources: Assessing the Options, addresses the urgency to develop more local, reliable, and sustainable sources of water for the region, and in addition, provides economic analysis in order to establish options for different water sources.

Dr. Lynn Reaser, chief economist at PLNU and the primary author of the report said, “Water represents probably the biggest resource challenge faced throughout the world, including San Diego. Our study is an attempt to objectively compare the different water options, ranging from desalination and recycled water to conservation, to help guide policymakers and the public in decisions vital to our future.”

Main factors that the report examines are the different possible water sources for San Diego County, and projections for 2020 and 2030.  The report also analyzes the energy intensity of the different sources in order to capture the impact on energy supplies and significance of the “carbon footprint.” It offers a feasibility analysis of the different water solutions based on legal, technical, safety, social and environmental factors.

A total of seven solutions are offered, and of the seven, conservation appears to be the most attractive of the solutions. 

 “The final research report was done with the intention to provide decision makers and the San Diego community with a written document that is clear and understandable,” said Randy M Ataide, executive director of the FBEI. “This is what we refer to as ‘actionable economics,’ and Dr. Reaser and the FBEI staff did a remarkable job researching, analyzing and presenting such a complex and potentially controversial topic.”

The report was sponsored and published by the Equinox Center, a San Diego-based research group that seeks find solutions to balance San Diego’s regional growth with sustainable natural resources.

For further information or for a copy of the report, contact Marion Paul at the Equinox Center at or Cathy Gallagher at the FBEI at or (619) 849-2564. 

The feature story has run in local news coverage including Channel 10 News ( ) and KPBS radio (


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