Students to Live on $2 a Day to Raise Awareness of Poverty

From April 14-16, a group of Point Loma Nazarene University students  spent their time sleeping in cardboard shanties, boiling their drinking water, and living on just $2 a day. It’s was all part of the Two Dollar Challenge, an educational movement that engages students in the fight against global and domestic poverty. This year marks PLNU’s second time participating in the Two Dollar Challenge, and about 30 students participated.

The Two Dollar Challenge asks students to live on the same amount of money as millions of those living in poverty around the world. They must also abide by rules designed to simulate poverty. Participants are not allowed to shower or bathe, may only have two outfits of clothing, and can’t use their campus meal plans or accept free food from others.

The event this year was spearheaded by seniors Jessica Chetsawang and Maira Flores, leaders in PLNU’s student microfinance club.

“Our objective is to educate the Point Loma Nazarene University campus through hosting the Two Dollar Challenge fundraiser,” said Chetsawang. “It is an educational movement that engages students in the fight against global and domestic poverty.”

Throughout the three-day event, students will be collecting donations for the Grameen Foundation’s recovery efforts in Haiti. The Grameen Foundation works with organizations such as Fonkoze, the largest microfinance bank in Haiti.

PLNU’s fundraising efforts are also part of a friendly competition with USD, which began its own microfinance club this year with help from PLNU’s club. The schools are trying to see who can raise more money for poverty alleviation through their events. USD’s Two Dollar Challenge was held March 23-25.

Both PLNU and USD will be participating in the 2010 San Diego Microfinance Summit event that is happening April 28. The keynote speaker will be Emmy Award winner Yeardley Smith, who is best known for her work as the voice of Lisa Simpson on the highly acclaimed television show The Simpsons. Smith is highly involved with microfinance through the Grameen Foundation and will share about her experiences in Haiti and the significance of microfinance.


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