SIFE—PLNU Business Club Inspiring Young San Diego Entrepreneurs

SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) is an international organization determined to impact the world by sending university students to inspire the individuals of the community to their greatest economic potential.  As one of PLNU’s business clubs, SIFE has provided a way for students to apply what they have learned in the Fermanian School of Business by partnering with Junior Achievement. These PLNU SIFE members teach in local San Diego classrooms and mentor their students through the planning and process of running their own businesses. Now halfway through the program, the high school students came to PLNU on March 24, 2010, to attend the SIFE/JA Entrepreneurial Convention to listen to business leaders from San Diego speak on topics such as Finance, Marketing, and Social Responsibility. Daniel Smith, Treasurer and active member of SIFE, shared, “In the beginning of the program, most of my students gave me blank looks when asked about attending college in the future. Now there’s a few who are actually excited after seeing what it’s all about.” The high school students are to now focus on the competition coming up later this spring, when they will compete for various awards for their businesses. These PLNU university students are taking the initiative to actively participate in the community by making a difference in the lives of these young entrepreneurs. For more information about SIFE and The JA Company Project, feel free to contact Megan Smith, club President, at


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