Fermanian School of Business Students Headed to Harvard

PLNU Press Release:

(San Diego, Calif. – February 10, 2010) – Harvard Business School and the Harvard Kennedy School are the destination for six business students who will be attending the 2010 Social Enterprise Conference on February 27-28, 2010. More than 1,000 professionals, students and academic and policy leaders from around the world gather annually at Harvard for the conference, which is unique in that it is a wholly student run and led conference. Funding for the trip was accomplished through collaboration between PLNU’s Fermanian Business & Economic Institute (FBEI) and the Center for International Development (CID).

Carrie Stewart, Maxwell Trczinski, Danielle Lawson, Luke Harmon, Brennan Hartich and Tim Houck will all attend after completing an application process, which focused on how the conference would influence their potential personal, spiritual and professional development.

Dr. Rob Gailey, director of the CID said, “We were very pleased by the enthusiasm and thoughtfulness of each of the applicants. We believe that this group will be a great representation of the quality of students at PLNU. ”

Originally, it was envisioned that funding would be provided for two students; however, the quality of the applications led to a change of plans.

“Once we started to review the applications, it was obvious to us that it would be extremely difficult to select only two attendees. We needed to find a way to try to send the entire group,” said Prof. Randy M. Ataide, executive director of the FBEI.  Additional funding from an anonymous donor was obtained, which was added to the amount that Gailey and Ataide had earmarked for the trip.

A series of panels and events are on the schedule and the students will also be staying at Eastern Nazarene College, which is easily accessible to Harvard and provides low cost lodging for the group. Upon their return, the Fermanian School of Business will provide an opportunity for the students to share their experience with a broader campus and community group.


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