Are Religious Entrepreneurs Social Entrepreneurs? By: Randy Ataide

In honor of Randy Ataide’s, Director of the Fermanian Business Center, recent paper presentation at Said Business School at Oxford University we are proudly posting the abstract to the paper that he presented. See the link below for the complete paper.

A Thorny and Unresolved Issue:

Are Religious Entrepreneurs Social Entrepreneurs?


This paper seeks to address the existing boundaries that effectively separate two distinct but related fields: Religious entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. The role of religion and entrepreneurship has been called “a thorny and unresolved issue” and while religion and entrepreneurship are important global social and cultural forces individually, there has been little research done on the combination. While the definitions and frameworks of social entrepreneurship have been quite dynamic and inclusive, Martin and Osberg have observed that this breadth threatens the existence and validity of social entrepreneurship. Drawing deeply from a various sources and research, the author demonstrates that religious entrepreneurship meets at least the threshold definitions of social entrepreneurship in that they advance a social mission; they apply innovative processes and technologies; they have a measurable and scalable impact; and they integrate financial sustainability. In establishing religious entrepreneurship as a hybrid form of social entrepreneurship, the two forms and their advocates and practitioners are then encouraged to engage in positive and constructive conversations and efforts to further their similar missions and visions.

To download the complete paper visit


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